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Meidh provides commercial sustainability management plans and will track your business' energy, water, and waste data. Starting a sustainability management program for your business takes time. Let us develop a plan and gather the necessary usage data for you. Meidh will deliver the baseline data reports to jump start your sustainability goals.


Need a sustainability plan to show your employees, customers, or stakeholders?

Want to stand out among your competitors as an efficient & sustainable company?

Want to save money on utilities and improve your building space?


Start here.

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Small businesses / Tenants

Many small and medium sized businesses don't have the resources to hire a sustainability team or the bandwidth to take on managing an ongoing program themselves. Meidh comes in as your outsourced sustainability management team.


Tenants with triple net leases have savings to gain from becoming more sustainable & efficient.

Large businesses / Building owners

Large businesses report to investors and are increasingly asked about Corporate Social Responsibility. Meidh comes in with documented plans and hard data for reporting.



Building owners have the opportunity to increase their property value through Energy Star or LEED Certifications.

what we do



A written sustainability policy will help direct your goals and will keep your standards on track for certification

Track data

Find out where your current practices stand. Look at the numbers.

MAke Improvements

Identify educational, equipment, and operational improvement opportunities and returns.


Certify your building as Energy Star, LEED, or another standard.

Create a sustainability policy for your business

The first step towards creating a more sustainable business is to write a sustainability policy. Meidh will create a sustainability policy for your business, based off of LEED, Energy Star, and WELL building standards. As changes are made to sustainability standards or to your business, Meidh will manage your policy to ensure you are on the right track. Have an active, written plan to show your employees, customers, and investors.


Track your data

Determine your business' current performance. You can't effectively improve sustainability without measuring your data. Meidh will compile your existing data and provide a comprehensive report of existing energy, water, and waste performance. As you implement sustainability programs, Meidh's tracking will reflect the actual, verifiable changes.


Meidh will benchmark your energy use using Energy Star's Portfolio Manager tool. You will receive a graph showing your energy use for electric, gas, and any other fuels used. This information will be compared to national data sets in order to reflect how your energy use compares to other businesses.


Meidh will benchmark your water use with Energy Star's Portfolio Manager tool. You will receive a graph showing your monthly water use. This data will be compared to national data sets in order to reflect how your water use compares to other businesses.


Meidh will arrange a waste audit for your business. A waste audit is a process of physically searching and weighing all waste produced, and determining what percentage of the waste produced is diverted from the landfill to recycling or composting. These numbers will show how you perform as compared to other businesses in terms of waste productions and diversion. Meidh will compare your waste data to USGBC's LEED standard.


Make Improvements

Meidh specializes in providing feasible sustainable solutions and ROI analysis. Make sure your efforts are focused on the measures that can provide the best return for your company. Meidh will be your resource for identifying improvement opportunities within your business operations, and weighing the possible improvements based on returns.


ENERGY STAR certification is a designation given to commercial buildings that are more efficient than 75% of buildings of the same type. Energy Star certification is inexpensive as compared to LEED and provides a significant increase in property value, lease rates, and tenant satisfaction for most buildings.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification is a designation that marks a building as a leader across many sustainability categories including energy use and air quality. LEED is the most widely used green building ratings system, and carries benefits in property value, lease rates, and public image.


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Meet The Team

Karen Sweeney

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Program lead on Meidh's sustainability management program. Karen is the sustainability planning and data tracking expert.

Chris Draper

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Technical support for Meidh's sustainability management projects. Chris is the engineer who verifies data quality for certifications.

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